You are Amazing

We are so grateful to our amazing contributors, and are excited about the launch of this fabulous new book – Launch Pad – The Countdown to Publishing Your Book. We have added a bonus download for purchasers and recipients of the book that will include a composite of the top ten lists and a host of resources to be an even more valuable resource for our authors.

We have information below on various promotions and items of interest for all contributors. If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact publisher Stephanie Larkin at (516) 448-4993 any time, as well as co-author on this volume, Grace Sammon –

Between the Covers

Join publisher Stephanie on-the-air promoting our contributors

Stephanie is planning 2 episodes of “Between the Covers” featuring the talented contributors of Launch Pad. We will be discussing your individual chapters in the book, as well as your own writing business and books.

Please visit to sign up for one of these special episodes.

Additionally, contributors who are located in the New York area are invited to an in-person filming for Stephanies cable TV show “The Author Corner.” Please email if you are interested and available in New York.

Bookish Road Trip

A Bookish Road Trip Book Video Celebration of LAUNCH PAD: The Countdown to Writing Your Book!
In recognition of the launch of our book, Bookish Road Trip is helping us celebrate with a congratulatory post, a review, and a “Live”  at 3pm Eastern. In addition, they will host a Video Six-Hour Marathon featuring interested authors.  Interested contributors should create a 2-3 minute video (SHOT HORIZONTALLY) for posting on Facebook, and, if also interested, a 30 second video (SHOT VERTICALLY) for posting on IG.   Videos should be uploaded here:
Grace Sammon will schedule the videos on FB, have a link to your countdown sheet, and let you know when your post will air so that, if you like, you can interact and respond to comments.
Scripts should be simple – your name, perhaps the name(s) of your other work, what chapter you wrote, a tip or two, a soft sell to the book – we don’t want to be pushing it, just something like “I so hope you enjoy the wisdom and tips from all the tips from the contributors.” As always, it’s good to have a question in your video that will prompt viewers to respond in the comments.

Book Information – Print & Digital

Complimentary Copy

Each contributor will be receiving a print book in the mail – they are on the way!

Additional Print Copies

Up to 25 print books will be provided to you at cost for your use as giveaways, promotions, or for resale. To order your books, please contact or place your order at

Digital Copies 

Each contributor is entitled to 10 complimentary digital copies for gifting/using as desired. An email will be sent to you with your complimentary digital copies.

Promotional Information

Links for Social Media Posts/Sharing

We are SO excited to promote Launch Pad, and especially all of the wonderful contributors who have made this invaluable resource a reality.

We’re delighted to send you all the promotional materials you need to let your audience know about Launch Pad, and your valuable contribution!

In the folder you’ll find:

  • Social media graphics
  • Social media swipe text
  • Links to the top 10 countdown lead magnets
  • Press Release
  • Links to book trailers
  • Link to website and pre-orders

Email Addresses from Lead Magnets

As the lead magnets will be out building our audience over the next several months, the contact list of email addresses collected during this promotional period will be sent to each contributor 3 months after launch date, on July 25.