The Launch Pad Book Series

We are so excited to announce our upcoming “Launch Pad Book Series” including:

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Writing Your Book

If you’re intimidated at the thought of outlining your novel or creating rich and complex characters, writing a great scene, or adding just the right amount of conflict, you’ll want to read this book. With 12 focused chapters it brings authors and would-be-authors closer to finishing their novel.

Led by Scotland-based, author and writing coach, Emma Dhesi, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on February 28, 2023

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Publishing Your Book

You’ve written – or you’re writing – your book, and the goal is publication. This book, filled with practical insights and guidance from industry experts with a combined xx years worth of experience, brings you closer to that dream.

Led by Stephanie Larkin, publisher, author, TV host and teacher, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on April 25, 2023

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Marketing Your Book

Hooray! Your book is written, and published, and it’s time to embrace a marketing plan that will help your book soar. This book engages you in a process that will raise your marketing IQ, build your skill set, and set you on a path for a successful book launch and marketing plan.Led by author, author marketing coach, Mary Helen Sheriff, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on June 20, 2023


These three, fast -paced, anthologies will feature chapters by amazing authors, along with their top 10 countdown tips.

Our goal is to create a series, and a series of tools, that will uplift authors in their writing, publishing, and marketing journey. In short, to provide you with a “launch pad” for author success.

The series will be available in digital and paper format, with Book 1 launching on February 28, 2023.