“Launchpad: The Countdown to Publishing Your Book”

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You’ve written – or you’re writing – your book, and the goal is publication.  With so many paths to publishing open to you, choosing the path that best matches your vision, your audience, and yes, even your budget, can be confusing and overwhelming. Are you at those crossroads? Join us here for LAUNCH PAD: The Countdown to Publishing Your Book.

From the first insightful words of New York book influencer and publisher Zibby Owens to the hands-on tips and suggestions from a coterie of award-winning authors, self-publishers, and influencers, this book, the second in a series of three on writing, publishing, and marketing your book, will help you get it done!  Each focused chapter brings you closer to the dream of publication by navigating you through the publishing process. Filled with the practical insights and guidance of so many established authors as well as with a bonus set of downloadable planning sheets, LAUNCH PAD delivers a craft book that speaks right to you.

The brainchild of entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Grace Sammon, this book series builds on the wildly popular radio show LAUNCH PAD – celebrating book releases and the authors who create them. This volume is led by the internationally recognized Stephanie Larkin, author, publisher, television host, and teacher and Grace Sammon.  Stephanie’s New York-based Red Penguin Books has over 15 years’ experience in nurturing and collaborating with authors to get their words to press.

Welcome to the LAUNCH PAD.  Now, let’s get your book published!

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Foreword by Zibby Owens, CEO and Founder of Zibby Media


Featuring the writing talents of:

  • Theresa Bakken
  • Cydney Bittner
  • Sarah Bullen
  • Bette Lee Crosby
  • D.C. Gomez
  • Robb Grinstaff
  • Christine Kloser
  • Erika Lance
  • Wilnona Marie
  • William J. McGee
  • Natalie Obando
  • Brooke Warner
  • Valerie Willis