Mary Helen Sheriff serves as an Author Marketing Coach, helping authors save time and money on their journey to sell more books. She’s the author of women’s fiction Boop and Eve’s Road Trip, the CEO of Bookish Road Trip, and co-editor of Launch Pad: The Countdown to Marketing Your Book. She writes “Journey into Book Marketing,” a blog column for Bookish Road Trip, and “The Book Biz,” a column in Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s e-zine Write ON! Go to her website to signup for “Nuts and Bolts” for free book marketing tips and ideas every month direct to your inbox.



Once the excitement and bustle of your book launch have quieted and you are typing away on your next book, you may find that your book sales slow down. This is where book promotions come in. Book promotions are when you put concentrated marketing activity around a book for a short period of time while the title is discounted.

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