Zibby Owens is an author, publisher, indie bookstore owner, award-winning podcaster, and CEO. Zibby founded what became Zibby Media in 2018 with her award-winning podcast Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books, which now has more than 10 million downloads.

The company (dubbed “the Zibby-verse” by the L.A. Times) has since grown to include the publishing house Zibby Books, the magazine Zibby Mag, a virtual and in-person book club Zibby’s Book Club, the podcast network Zibby Audio, the education platform Zibby Classes, community events and Zibby Retreats, and a writing community. She recently opened an independent bookstore Zibby’s Bookshop in Santa Monica, CA.

Zibby was celebrated as “New York’s Most Powerful Book-fluencer” by New York Magazine. She’s a regular contributor to “Good Morning America” and other print and broadcast outlets – and loves recommending books.

A lifelong reader and writer, Zibby is the author of the memoir Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature, the children’s book, Princess Charming, the editor of two anthologies, and the upcoming debut novel Blank (March 2024).

A graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School, Zibby lives in New York (and L.A.) with her husband, Kyle Owens of Morning Moon Productions, and her four children. Follow her on Instagram @zibbyowens where she tells it like it is.