“Working With an Illustrator”

Cydney Bittner is a children’s and fantasy illustrator based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She received a B.A. in Studio Art and Illustration & Animation from Marymount Manhattan College in 2021. Her illustration credits include Libby the Ladybug Learns Helpfulness by Carly Furino, George the Alligator Finds a Home by Margaret Sansom, The 7 Days: A Classic Nursery Rhyme Made New by Deborah Burns, and Bella the Buck-Toothed Ballerina by Amanda Montoni. When she’s not illustrating books or painting fantasy scenes, Cydney also works as an art instructor. In her experience teaching, she has seen firsthand the importance of imagination; she strives to create art that nurtures that critical part of the human psyche.  

website: cydneybittner.myportfolio.com

instagram: @cydneybittnerart