“Picking a Publishing Path”

Valerie Willis is the COO at 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., an expert digital typesetter, co-host to Drinking with Authors Podcast, and an award-winning Fantasy Paranormal Romance author. Her works include a workbook series, Writer’s Bane, starting with Research and Formatting 101, and novels inspired by mythology, superstitions, legends, folklore, fairy tales, and history such as in her The Cedric Series. Many have experienced her hosting workshops or being a guest speaker at events where she shares her expertise in publishing, novel writing, research for fiction, worldbuilding, character development, book design, reader immersion, foreshadowing, and more. 

Website: www.WillisAuthor.com

Instagram: @WillisAuthor

Facebook: facebook.com/ValerieWillisAuthor

Twitter: @Valerie_Willis

TikTok: @willisauthor