Emma Dhesi is a book coach and author mentor who specialises in helping beginner authors write their first novel. 

Through her 1:1 Emma guides you through story development, character evolution and provides written feedback on your work. She will navigate you through the emotional rollercoaster of finishing your first novel. 

For more hands-off help, Emma hosts the podcast Turning Readers Into Writers and offers weekly support via her Facebook Page. Find out more at www.emmadhesi.com

Emma lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband, 3 children and 3 cats.

Do you know what the most under tapped writing resource is?

It’s a resource that works, side-by-side, with you on your manuscript – and not, it’s not ChatGPT!

It’s a book coach. A real person who guides you through your writing process, keeping you accountable and feeding back on your pages so not only do you write a book, but write your best to date!

That’s why I’ve included a chapter on the benefits of working with a book coach in the upcoming book for writers, Launch Pad: The Countdown To Writing Your Book.

In this chapter I explain what book coaching is, how it differs from editing, how a coach helps you write your book and how you can find the right coach for you.

If you’ve been struggling to write your first novel or know you want to uplevel your craft, this chapter is a must-read.

I’ve condensed my top ten tips on how to work with a book coach into a handy free, pdf download you can access here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/fkm19ybbq8