CAROL VAN DEN HENDE is the award-winning author of the Goodbye, Orchid series, a public speaker, and MBA with 20+ years’ experience in marketing, strategy and insights. Carol has keynoted and presented at conferences like Writer’s Digest, IBPA, International Women’s Writing Guild, Rutgers Writers’ Conference, Novelists Inc. and Women Who Write. She’s also the founder and president of Azine Press, one of the first B Corps publishers in the Northeast United States.

Carol’s novels Orchid Blooming and Goodbye, Orchid are inspired by wounded veterans and have won 30+ literary and design awards, including the American Fiction Award, IAN Outstanding Fiction First Novel Award, and Royal Dragonfly Awards for Cultural Diversity and Disability Awareness.

Buzzfeed, Parade, and Travel+Leisure named Carol’s books a most anticipated read. Glamour Magazine recommended her “modern, important take on the power of love.” The International Pulpwood Queens selected Goodbye, Orchid as a 2022 Bonus Book-of-the-Month and Orchid Blooming as a 2023 International Book-of-the-Month.

One secret to her good fortune? Her humorous husband and twins, who prove that love really does conquer all.

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Harness The Power Of Point-of-View.

Carol Van Den Hende is going to show you how in the eagerly anticipated Launch Pad: The Countdown to Writing Your Book.

Not only does Carol explain the complexities of pov (and provide excellent examples of it used well) but she takes a deep-dive into deep pov! She’ll also help you choose the right pov for your story.

Point-of-view is sometimes overlooked in favour of structure and character, but point-of-view plays a vital part in the tone of a story, and how engaged your reader is. That’s why I was so excited to ask Carol Van Den Hende to write a chapter on this topic. Don’t miss it.

She’s condensed her top ten tips on how to use point-of-view into a handy, free, pdf download you can access here: