Susanne Dunlap is a historical novelist and Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach. Her love of history began in academia with a PhD in music history from Yale. She soon decided it was much more fun to spin stories based on the remarkable figures and times she discovered than to write peer-reviewed articles, and published her first historical novel with Touchstone Books of Simon and Schuster in 2005. She made the move into young adult fiction in 2010 and published four YA historical novels with Bloomsbury Children’s.

In 2019, Susanne stumbled into the orbit of Jennie Nash, CEO of Author Accelerator, took both the fiction and the nonfiction courses and became certified in both. It turned out that helping writers write the best books they’re capable of and realize their cherished dream of becoming an author was a role made for Susanne, as the many testimonials from her clients in both fiction and nonfiction attest. 

Today, Susanne continues to write and has a thriving business as a book coach in Biddeford, Maine, and considers herself the most fortunate of people to have a life completely immersed in books and writing.

I don’t write SFF, so I don’t need to worry about world building, do I?

Yes, you do!

When you read Launch Pad: The Countdown to Writing Your Book, you’ll discover that all stories need world building.

It’s such an important part of storytelling that I asked Susanne Dunlap, Author Accelerator Accredited book coach, to be a part of Launch Pad and give you the lowdown on the principles of world building, the best tools for the job and how to get off the world building merry-go-round.

You don’t want to miss this, and to get a feel for what Susanne has to share, she’s condensed her top ten tips for world building into a handy, free, pdf download you can access here: