Kat is a fiction writer, an Author Accelerator book coach and hostess of the Pencils&Lipstick podcast. Her passion is to help writers write their story through encouragement and honing their storytelling skills. In between conducting interviews for the Pencils&Lipstick podcast and writing her next novel, you can find Kat traveling the world, reading, or volunteering with her church—always with a cup of cold brew close by.
You can talk to Kat directly for a discovery call that you can schedule on her website, https://katcaldwell.com

Compelling characters are at the heart of any story and that’s why I asked Kat Caldwell to be a part of an exciting new anthology, Launch Pad: The Countdown to Writing Your Book.

She’s been diving deep into what makes up a believable and compelling character, and how you can develop one for your story.

Now she shares her knowledge with you in her chapter, Finding The Core of Your Character. Learn about personality types, understanding the role genre plays in the character you write about, how to find your character’s inner flaw, and so much more.

To whet your appetite, she’s condensed her top ten tips on how to develop your characters into a handy, free, pdf download you can access here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/6bpe78uj52